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John J. Connors is defense lawyer with 22 years experience in Superior Court and District Court criminal matters handling both minor crimes and serious felonies
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    Everyone wants to be cooperative when they are questioned by the police.  But sometimes an innocent person can be trapped by that cooperation.  Something you say can be taken out of context and put into a police report.  In trying to be helpful, you may say something that the police can use to substantiate a charge against you.  The police are only interested in prosecuting a crime.
     The best advice for anyone is to contact a lawyer immediately if you are being questioned.  You may know that you are innocent, but the police and the District Attorney do not know this.  Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time is enough to land you in court where you have to defend against charges.
Crimes including:  Drugs, theft, larceny, DUI, OUI, DWI, breaking and entering, domestic assaults, failure to register, assault and battery, rape, kidnapping, motor vehicle, trafficking, school zone, shoplifting, possession, distributing, assault with a dangerous weapon, attempted murder, murder.