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District Court
I regularly try cases involving OUI, assault and battery, larceny, drugs, and motor vehicle offenses.
Superior Court
Trial experience in Murder, guns, drugs, assault to murder, home invasion, and all serious felonies.  Certified by CPCS to try murder cases
I have experience in SDP trials, hearings before the Sexual Offender Registry Board.

John J. Connors, Esq.
email lawoffice@jconlaw.com

Criminal Law, SORB Hearings, SDP trials
John J. Connors is a trial attorney.  If you are accused of a crime, you may not want your local real estate or family law attorney handling your case.  You need a lawyer who is in the criminal courts daily representing clients.  John J. Connors is that attorney.
     Over the past 15 years, Attorney John J. Connors has handled thousands of cases and tried numerous serious felonies to not guilty verdicts.  He gives each case his personal attention and fights hard for each and every client.  Every client is special and a criminal charge does not equal guilt.  Unconstitutional searches must be suppressed, unwarranted stops must be challenged and police action must be put to the test.
Recent decisions
Criminal Law
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Not guilty Murder 

Not guilty of Bank Robbery

Not guilty of Assault to Murder

Not guilty Possession of Sawed off Shotgun

Not guilty Rape  

Not Sexually Dangerous in SDP  

Not guilty OUI, DUI, DWI

Interview with Attorney Connors

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